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A Natural Hisory

From a bluff high above Missisipi River in Winona, Minnessota comes the prity of Watkins. Watkins tried and true Products have been good and natural throghy and through since 1868.

A Natural History

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The very best in gourmet spices, extracts, blends and marinades! 

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Large Variety

Watkins offers a variety of spices and extracts, seasoning blends, soup and gravy mixes, marinades, and much more. Renowned for their award-winning trio of cinnamon, pepper, and vanilla, Watkins products are recognized for their high quality at affordable prices.

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Bundles – Not Advertised, Available While Supplies Last!

These bundles were available before, and even though they are not currently featured as specials on the website, you can still enter the codes in the search bar to access the amazing discounts. Please note that these offers are valid only while supplies last. All registered users will be able to see the sales listed below. If you cannot find them, please contact us.

40800 -  Traditional Gold Medal Assortment

40813 -Sweet, Spice & Everything Nice Baking set

40810 - Pumpkin Spice Bundle

40838 - Gourmet Baking Spice Essential Set

40824 - Pina Colada Smothie Recipe Set

40833 - Spiced Cranberry Trifle Recipe Set

40839 - Swedish Meatball Recipe Bundle

40835 - Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe Bundle

40836 - Herbed Turkey Recipe Bundle